To quote the immortal words of Zoolander, “Water is the essence of life”. Joking aside this is true. When trying to be more environmentally conscious, living a more minimal lifestyle and embodying a level of authenticity that is demanded of our generation (of whom are responsible for reversing the effects of global deprivation,) trying to conserve water is imperative.  It is more simple and easy than one might expect.  With a few small adjustments to your everyday life from home to work, you too can help reduce water wastage and do your “bit”.

Why Is Water Conservation Important

Of course water conservation is of huge environmental importance but after all, what better way to sway yourself, your partner and your friends to the wonderful world of water conservation than with the SAVING MONEY incentive. Use less water, lower water bills mean more money in your pocket!

Sustainable Earth reminds us of the massive gravitas behind preserving the ecosystem! “Protecting our natural ecosystems from further damage is critical, especially for the survival of some endangered species.  The oceans, streams and lakes that are the lifeblood of so many local eco-systems are used as dumping grounds, hurting everything that relies on these water sources.  The great pacific garbage patch is a great example of the worst side of our wasteful practices.”

Conserving water also conserves energy/power/electricity and so on and this is another crucial aspect of living smart. If we can reduce our impact on our national energy usage, we can pay less, transfer more energy to solar and work with the earth and environment instead of always taking.

Water Conservation At Home

Let’s start with the easiest small changes; Turn the water off when you brush your teeth. Letting the water run while you are brushing serves no purpose and lets litres of valuable water run down the drain. It’s also worth applying the same principle to your showers. If you can, turn the water off between shampooing, conditioning and washing. It reduces the overall time you spend in the shower while conserving water We also LOVE a nice long hot shower but we love the environment more right? Or maybe we just have one indulgent shower a week. Remember, small changes!

You can also switch your shower head to aerated showerhead; the fixture mixes air in with the water so therefore you don’t compromise on the pressure but use less water! Ideal.

Washing your clothes is another easy and convenient way to reduce water consumption. Stats show that people rarely use the max capacity in their washing load, so store those clothes up until you can take advantage of the usable space in your washing machine.


However according to Waterwise UK: “Drinking water is one area you should NOT cut back your usage, UK tap water is one of the best in the world. Enjoy it.

Fridge it, putting a large bottle of tap water in the fridge will ensure you can have chilled water all the time. Waiting for the tap to run cold can waste more than 10l of tap water a day. Try to fill the kettle with only what is needed, this will save water and energy.Using the lid on saucepans reduces the amount of water lost, so you don’t have to put as much in. It also helps your lovely veg cook quicker.” This is super valuable information for us looking to live more consciously!

So, there you have it Nomads. Now we don’t profess to be experts, we have to research these topics too, continually educating yourself is so important and valuable. We would love to hear from you wonderful stargazers. Did we miss anything? Do you have some cunning hits and tips to share/ If so, leave us a comment, let us know. We would LOVE to hear from you!



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