5 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Hitting the open road, experience all the world has to offer and taking in every experience is, of course, the priority. BUT unless who have sold a tech company or you are fortunate to have some very extensive savings, then making money while you travel is very much desirable. To continue your travels for as long as possible is the dream and any way in which you can turn your skills into a money making method is totally awesome.


We have compiled a list of 5 ways in which you can supplement your earnings, continue your travels by using transferable skills. This list isn’t for everyone, for a start of course, you need a passion for travel and travel writing or documentation is vital. Take our suggestions and alter them to suit your skills and experience; as all humans, we are all talented and blessed in some way, one must find their “niche”.

Online Start-Ups- Turn your passion into a business

The most simple place to start where you don’t need ANYTHING really, other than your skills in your chosen field, is to establish a startup business. If you ever had a dream business idea, then now is the time to explore all its possibilities. Can you make this idea into a tangible brand? Perhaps you are a lover of the environment and have textile skills, perhaps you can reuse materials or turn recycled materials into fashion. Maybe you are a lover of photography, can you explore freelance photography or perhaps compile all your images into a book to be published? Think for a while, talk it over with your travel buddy or your nearest and dearest, then when you think you have the base of the most awesome idea you have EVER had, well apart from deciding to go traveling, then write it down. It takes most businesses anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to write a viable business plan BUT once that’s done, you can then look for investment either via a private lender, a bank or indeed via kickstarter. The internet will be your best friend, you can find so many FREE resources to help you every step on the way! Click this link to find more info on where to begin.

Freelance Work- Advertise your skills via linking sites

Probably not the “sexiest” of all the options but realistically the most viable. Freelance work puts workers in touch with businesses that need staff from anywhere between one day to one year, take on as many clients as you need and work for as long as you need. Whatever your skills set may be from social media, filming and editing, copy writing or whether you’re a lawyer or a musician, there will be a brand out there, somewhere in the world who needs help and needs YOUR special skills. Try sites like Upwork and Freelancer, both of which are American and work in $ but they are reputable and have equal rights and protections for both the freelancer and the brand. The only downside to this is that they take a large cut. All payments are recommended to stay on platform for your own protection but this does mean that the sites are likely to take a hefty administration fee. However on balance, it’s worth it for almost guaranteed work. Monday mornings are unsurprisingly, they best time to search. You could also utilise your Linkedin Network by simply posting that you’re at a loose end and if anyone needs your help then you’re there. Think of yourself as a very very informal consultant, connect with your network, let them know you need work and they can potentially offer you something freelance.

Social Media Influencer

For some, we are heading into uncharted territory. We could be losing readers with every word but before you give up, becoming Instagram famous is tough in a very saturated market but it’s possible. Hey, you’re making hitting the road doable for the foreseeable, so why is this any more impossible.  First things first is to tidy up your instagram, it may be easier to start again with a new account, this way, insta will ask you whether is a business account or not, you can now select “Public Figure” or “Personal Blog”. This gives your instagram an air of professionalism. Despite what you may think you DON’T need 50k followers to begin to monetise your IG. A long as you have over 2 or 3k of genuine followers, brands will begin to take notice. You should aim to build your following with a level of integrity and sincerity. Not buying followers or following people randomly. Think simple, high resolution images, this means super high quality, clean and minimal. Post once or twice a day tops, do research about your hashtags (to be posted in the first comment) and finally be ready to spend considerable amounts of time on your IG at first. Once you have posted a cool, engaging image, begin interacting with people, see what other people are posting, like and comment, refer people back to your page. When you have slowly but surely gathered a host of genuine, legitimate and engaged followers, you can approach brands with the view of sponsorship. Don’t be afraid to research, head onto youtube, search google or even message some of your favourite profiles and seek advice.

Blogs and Vlogs

From Youtube to WordPress, from Wix to Vimeo and ever platform in between, much like Instagram, you can document your adventures in a really hands on and interesting way. You can create either a blog page or a vlog channel. For vlogs, Vimeo and Youtube are super easy and user friendly. Grab a gopro (it comes with really user friendly editing software) and film what you get up too. From flights to surfing, from driving to cooking outdoors, there are millions of people out there who would LOVE to watch your video diary. It doesn’t matter whether you are a quiet wall flower or a charismatic cathy, make your vlog around your niche, your personality. Blogging is another great way to supplement your income. Using sites like wordpress and wix, you can create stunning themes with ease, you can document whatever you get up too, talking about your favorite products and all the little nuances of life on the road. This way, with the right social media coverage, you can share your blogs or vlogs and gain a following. Then you can approach brands and even tourist boards to offer to write for them in return for sponsorship.

And Finally, Selling Images And Content

If you want to be the silent talent behind a fantastic article or amazing piece of photography, then perhaps content production is more your style. Essentially, you can become a freelance journalist or filmer/photographer. Of course this takes a certain degree of talent but practice makes perfect and AGAIN the internet has a wealth of information, videos, tutorials and advice to improve your skills. When you begin to feel confident in photography for example, you can create an online portfolio about your skills and sell the footage. Outdoor brands, tourist boards or relevant retailers may want to buy your images as stock footage or higher you privately. The same goes for articles, perhaps you have written a fantastic piece about a destination, send it to papers, famous blogs or online forums so they can view your work, send it with the view of working with them in the future to produce content, let them know where you’re heading to next and place value on your writing. You could find your images or content on the web helping sell your favorite destinations to people, how cool is that!

These are just 5 suggestions, like with anything in life, nothing comes for free. You may have to give away some work for free, do a lot of self promotion and networking to allow people to see the value in your work BUT once you have put in some leg work, the internet provides the most advantageous and exciting background to potential future earnings. As long as you have a laptop, internet connection and maybe a strong coffee, you can quite possibly, conquer the world!



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